Sunday, April 01, 2007

13 Rock Videos for April Fools!

Lately, it seems I've been re-visting the likes of The Vandals which in turn reminded me of several other bits of music and wondering where the fuck did it go? So, out of dumb luck I found these videos... in no particular order.

Dropkick Murphys "Amazing Grace"
The Dropkicks is one of those bands I think just gets better and better. When they first started, I wasn't all that into them. But now they're one of my faves. They seem to always work "Amazing Grace" into their concerts, but they always do it cool.

Randy "Razorblade"
I've heard some of Randy's work on several punk samplers, but I think it was Epitaph Records' "Punk-o-rama Volume 9" sampler that came with a DVD that had several videos including their "X-ray Eyes". But "Razorblade" is just as good a song as it is a video.

Bouncing Souls "Kids and Heroes"
Always loved Souls when they were with BYO all the way up to the Epitaph years. They've done some harder music, but I dig this one for my 13 vidz. They also have a double-disk DVD that chronicles their humble beginnings and shit like that.

The Dwarves "FEFU"
Ah, the notorious Dwarves. Rumored to have been dropped by a record company by faking a band member's death as a pratical joke. I'll let this video do the speakin' for them.

Sick of it All "Step Down"
Learn to be punk rock as preached by Sick of it All. Not my favorite band, but the video's great.

Rancid "Ruby Soho"
Rancid's always done some strange stuff. They seem to ebb and flow between punk and ska and then off into other directions. But I kinda dig this one.

Tiger Army "Cupid's Victim"
Not the biggest Tiger Army fan. I think mainly because I haven't heard enough of them and from what I have, it's give or take. But this video's fuckin' great.

The Vandals "My Girlfriend's Dead"
There's two versions of this video at One with the band and this animated version. Love both versions, but this one pinches it.

HorrorPops "Miss Take"
They're from Denmark and on MySpace if you wanna track 'em down. This video is also on the "Punk-o-rama Volume 9" sampler with Randy.

The Lillingtons "Robots in My Mind" "Final Transmission" "Phantom Maggot" "Wait it Out".
Not sure where this string of tunes and video comes from, but it's fuckin' Lillingtons. One of my favorite bands. The image quality is shit, but you can still hear the music which is more than I can say for other bands.

NOFX "Franco Unamerican"
NOFX has always been one of those bands that's been around, but I think their success is really what they did for other bands at Fat Wreck Chords. I can't say they're great musicians, but by sheer volume alone, there's some really great tunes in their career.

Strung Out "Analog"
Always loved Strung Out since I heard "Wrong Side of the Tracks" on "Punk Bites Volume 1". I think as a band, they've gotten better.

Guitar Wolf "Wild Zero" (Trailer)
The best representation of rock 'n' roll jet-band, Guitar Wolf, is this trailer for one of my favorite flicks, "Wild Zero".
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