Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Island Macabre


This is the finished product I did for the girlfriend person. She said she wanted me to draw her something for xXxmas. She said anything, so I did this Island Macabre piece. This wasn't as easy as it should've been. Firstly, I wasn't working on my computer, but her scanner and Mac Mini which took days.


#1. The line art. I drew Rooke and Orion on Strathmore 14" x 17" 400 series Bristol. Then scanned it in sections because the paper was bigger than the scanner bed and pieced them together in Photoshop. I cut them off at the legs because I knew they were going to be standing in kunai grass.

#2. Line art of Teach. At first I wasn't going to add Teach because I wasn't sure I was going to have time to get it done by xXxmas. But it just didn't seem right to do an Island Macabre poster art without Teach. Whipped out more Bristol, drew, scanned in sections and collected all the pieces in Photoshop once again.

#3. Coloring. I like more muted colors, but it wasn't jiving when printed for some reason especially when I wanted to do a more dynamic background.

#4. Coloring Teach was a little different because he wasn't going to be in the foreground. So, many of his shadows didn't need much detail.

#5. Tubey the Tubeworm was less complicated and daunting because I didn't care about the quality as much seeing that it was more of a texture piece than the trio. I did it on regular 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper. Normally, I avoid copy paper because it bleeds a lot. In PS, I wrapped two images of Tubey around the trio so it looks like it rises in front of them and wraps around their backs.

#6. The rest of the titles, text, background and samurai were doctored in PS.  I went to an on-line Japanese kanji translator to get the text and it translated "Island Macabre" into "The Island is Eerie".

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

James Gunn and his Browncoat Mountain [Deluxe Edition]

In my ongoing pursuit of transferring my MySpace shit, I've run across some fucking doozies. Here are a couple that I've consolidated into one considering the subject matter. Some of the comments left by people were blurred or left out entirely because I don't really have the necessary permissions. However, you can go visit the original blogs for comments if you really want.

Also, I couldn't resize the comments without making them too small.  Just click on the images and you'll get to read them in all their illustrious glory.  One of my favorites is when Jenna Fischer chimed in.

James Gunn and His Browncoat Mountain
Originally posted on The Ablazin' Devil Head's Jizzeriffic Blog on Friday, September 22, 2006. [original link]

I tried to embed this in Sir James Gunn's blog, but the fucker banned me from embeddin' shit. So, this is my response.

James Gunn Finally Spoke to Me!
Originally posted on Tuesday, August 15, 2006. [original link]

It all started a few weeks ago when I stumbled on to LolliLove written and directed by James Gunn's wife, Jenna Fischer, on MySpace. Then I saw that her friend was James Gunn (aka Grant Grant). Then I asked him to be my friend and he added me and in a weird twisted thing, he posted a bulletin about Dumb Shit in Great Movies and I got re-routed to my own blog which had a review of The Specials. I'm like, "Fuckin' MySpace! How'd I get here?" Then it occurred to me that he fuckin' posted a bulletin and all of the sudden my MySpace traffic has been busy as shit. This is his bulletin that I immortalized.

But the problem was that he never spoke to me regardless of me frequenting his blog along with other nerdy regulars (who don't know as much about James Gunn as me). He responded AROUND my posts and stuff, but never to me directly. Don't know why, I'm pretty fuckin' likable and shit. But this weekend, I fuckin' charmed his ass so good and hard that he couldn't take it much longer and finally responded to me directly.

Yes, it's true. James Gunn FINALLY acknowledged my existence. Who wants to touch all over my naughty places now?

Then of course there are these shout-outs on his MySpace blog and CHUD.  Yes, he actually mentions me on CHUD. Exclusive Interview: James Gunn (SLiTHER DVD).

What I dig best about this mention is how I allegedly murdered Gregg Henry and how Michael Rooker didn't get in on the sex.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

13 Favorite X-mas Flicks [Media Edition]

Why? Because it's more than 10 and less than 15. This is not a list of which flick is better than another, but which ones put me in an xXxmas mood. Also, this was originally posted on my MySpace blog a few years ago, this just happens to be a media version. Some of the videos are trailers and some are music and some clips from the movie. In the case of The Ref, I couldn't find a trailer or decent clip, so I just posted The Asshole video.

Lethal Weapon (Director's Cut)
NR, (1987), 1
17 mins. Richard Donner. While the season is chockfull of yuletide cheer and shit, I dig a little blood. It's dark, depressing and yet still finds a little time for some heart with the Murtaugh family. Sure, the movie doesn't feel that Christmasy, but it's a Los Angeles X-mas. And the opening titles start with Jingle Bell Rock.

Die Hard
R, (1988), 131 mins. John McTiernan.
I suppose this is obvious, but it's the heart-warming true story of terrorists taking over a Japanese skyscraper that makes us ask the question, "Did you get us with the bomb or did we get you with tape decks?"

R, (1986), 87 mins. George P. Cosmatos.
Another Los Angeles X-mas yarn about some evil elves that want to take over the world and spread their disease and only one cop on the zombie squad is the cure. Yes, Marion Cobretti is back and he's got an attitude... but it's just a little one.

L.A. Confidential
R, (1997), 138 mins. Curtis Hanson.
Los Angeles is back with a vengeance loaded with police corruption and eccentric gangsters who wanna build freeways. Yes, these visionary Chris Cringles wanna contribute to the future that is the motherfuckin' Fuck-0-5.

PG-13, (1989), 126 mins. Tim Burton. Back in 1989 Batman came out on VHS around X-mas time and was available in every gas station from here to that other gas station down the street and was playing in every home on X-mas Eve. That's about it.

Batman Returns

PG-13, (1992), 126 mins. Tim Burton. It looks Christmasy.

The Long Kiss Goodnight
R, (1996), 120 mins. Renny Harlin.
Yes, Shane Black is back because he loves blood on X-mas. This is the heart-warming true story of a simple school teacher who has amnesia and realizes her true calling—a world class grade-A assassin. Aided by Snakes on a Plane and the original Hannibal Lector.

Jack Frost
R, (1996), 89 mins. Michael Cooney. This low-budget attempt has one great moment. The snowman rapes Shannon Elizabeth with a carrot.

Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman
R, (2000), 91 mins. Michael Cooney.
A motherfuckin' classic! He's icin' and slicin'.

PG, (1984), 106 mins. Joe Dante.
Joe Dante directes this Christmas horror flick for the whole family. Contrary to popular belief this was NOT the first PG-13 movie, but it was one that pushed the envelope.

The Ref
R, (1994), 93 mins. Ted Demme. Denis Leary plays a cat burglar who stumbles on a really fucked up family and is forced to play Dr. Wong, Marriage Counselor while the cops close in on him. Now, I don't have a clip from the movie, so, how about The Asshole video?

PG-13, (1988), 101 mins. Richard Donner. Richard Donner, X-mas film alumni (Lethal Weapon), directs one of Bill Murray's last good films of the 80's. This is the story of a TV network CEO that is suddenly raped by the 3 ghosts of Christmas.

A Christmas Story
PG, (1983), 94 mins. Bob Clark. This is a great story for kids that want a gun for Christmas.

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