Tuesday, May 01, 2007

THE X-RAY EYE SOCIETY and Other Smaller Updates


The new script is nearing completion. It's both unlike anything I've written and yet, it's kinda typical. The unusual part of this story is that it's a fun-for-the-whole-family kinda flick. Hard to say if it's a family flick, but it's certainly not a kid's flick. The kids range from 7-12 and the younger the kids the more evil they are--it's part of the plot.

Without getting into too much of the plot, the story's about a group of resourceful kids who solve mysteries and one day they come up against something huge. My attempt with this story was not to make something original, but to use something you've seen before and spin it into something unique. Where a lot of kid/family movies fail for me is when they purposely go out to make the adults dumber and goofier than they would really be. I think that's one of the failures of Holes. While I do enjoy the movie, I coulda done without some of the cartoony adult performances. I tried to place everyone on an equal intellectual playing field.

Not only was this story designed as a mass appeal kinda thing, but also to bring back some creepiness. There's something about younger kids involved with the supernatural that adds a little more urgency. Whereas before I had written about kick-ass heroes that feared nothing but failure. Here, their friends and other kids' lives are at stake.

Oh, and before anybody asks, "No, it wasn't hard to keep the profanity outta the script."

Oh, here's one of the character designs: Luther Hoodwinkle.

You all may or may not know, but there's an
X-ray Eye Society MySpace page
. Not much is on it, but there's a few games, tunes, toys and shit. I'll be fixing it up little by little.

In Other News...

Never heard back from Limp Bizkit or that other dude. So, Feeding Frenzy is still on the shelf.

I'm outta the running for the 2006 Fade In Awards, but hey, I sure as shit got farther than I ever thought I would.

The Gibbon project is comin' along a bit slow. A lot of The Gibbon was initially designed to be black and white, but the color just makes it look like I Ted Turnered Casablanca. So, I'm having to re-do some of the art to make it more color-friendly instead of just black and a few flecks of color.

Oh, did a new design for that James Gunn character. You can score some of this stuff and more at
the JGAS Store
. All proceeds go to Rover Rescue and James will match every dollar. At least that's what he said.

Anyway, later, folks. I'm hungry.
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