Saturday, August 02, 2008

Lloyd Kaufman’s Q &A, Other Whatsups and Lots of Video!

Poultrygeist and Q &A With Lloyd Kaufman

Well, here's a four part video set of Q & A from last night's POULTRYGEIST screening at the Andy Warhol Museum. Excuse the breakups between the splices because I had to save repeatedly on my camera because it has a fuckalicious tendency to run out of batteries quick.
I couldn't get many pix because they were real camera nazis at that place. But later, after the screening I was pretty comfortable using it.

The movie was pretty damn entertaining by the way. One of Lloyd's more ambitious efforts and it certainly doesn't back down from titties and splatter of every bodily ilk. Which is funny because some idiot set of parents brought an entire brigade of children and sat them down right in front of us. I'm like, "Dude, do they know what this is?" But some time before the movie started, that family up and left. So, suppose you can blame the Warhol Museum for posting "all ages" on their ads, but really, the parents were fuckin' idiots. I suppose it coulda been worse though. They coulda said, "We paid good money for this and we're gonna watch it, you little rat-faced bastards!"

So, here's some video of the event. A lot of good shit in there. I hope you have 45 miuntes to spare.

POULTRYGEIST Q & A With Lloyd Kaufman Part 1

POULTRYGEIST Q & A With Lloyd Kaufman Part 2

POULTRYGEIST Q & A With Lloyd Kaufman Part 3

POULTRYGEIST Q & A With Lloyd Kaufman Part 4

My Interview with Michael at Entertainment Vine.

Adding friends on MySpace is kinda rough on me because I don't always have time to devote to everyone. But I added this dude, Michael, writer for, a while back. I didn't know who he was, but I pretty much add anyone unless they're sex cammy girls or hip-hop bands. Anyway, he emails me about this "8 Questions with..." segment that he does. After reading the blog I realized he was one of Kim Poirier's buddies and whom I've interacted with in the past especially about Starship Troopers and the soundtrack. Anyway,
here's the interview where all I pretty much do is talk about myself. Not sure if it's gonna be on or just on his MySpace blog, but there it is.

I.D. Theft

My friend, J.C., who now calls himself Antonio Chavez because he thinks it sounds cooler, just finished starring in a movie called ID Theft (sometimes known as Identity Theft) located on the shelf just under the Lloyd Kaufman collection. I was putting together a rough reel of that film. I'm gonna have to cut it down from 11 minutes to 3, but it's not like he has a wide collection of movie and roles to choose from. You can probably recognize him as one of the Denominators in Never Been Kissed. That was during that era in his life when we partied at the Lush in Santa Monica every Friday night and when he was doing a lot of extra work. Extras are those people in the background that don't say anything, but are stricly ambience.

If you wanna be JC's friend, check him out here:

Beware: MAJOR SPOILERS. But if you never see this movie, you'll never have to after watching this.

Antonio Chavez's IDENTITY THEFT Reel


If you've decided to keep reading and viewing all the media in order, you'll probably notice that an hour out of your life is missing. I've probably run outta steam on this blog by bringing this up last to get into this, but Jetwash is nearing completion. I took a break to learn some editing and FX programs and to take care of some life issues, but I'm back. Just read through a lot of the pages. I cut many pages setting me up around 109 pages total. Then I went ahead and started adding stuff and now I'm at 118 pages and still have to wrap up the third act. But it will be done shortly.

I suppose I've run out of space to talk about the best places to download comics and forgotten music, but I'll have to get to that at another time.
I've also got more news to announce in a few weeks, so it'll have to wait till then.

Later days,

The Ablazin' Devil Head has spoken


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