Monday, April 13, 2009 Gets the Asshole-of-the-Week Award!

At lunchtime, the girlfriend person was telling me about this news story that broke yesterday about reclassifying gay/lesbian books and content as "Adult material". Which means you couldn't rate adult material. But the children's book, Heather Has Two Mommies which is designed to teach young children about gay relationships is considered pornography. From what I understand is attempting to change this rating system. But Playboy magazine and Penthouse collections CAN be rated meaning that it's not considered pornography. Hustler is considered pornography therefore cannot be rated, BUT Larry Flynt's always pissed motherfuckers off. So, this could be just a political choice.

But this is what's more fucked up. Look what happens when you type the words "homosexuality" into their search engine. Look at the content that comes up. Material that's supposed to prevent homosexuality. Shit like this goes against the very freedoms we'd like to enjoy about our country. But as time goes on, it seems like we're to be tarred and feathered for it first. While this is a passive aggressive way of dealing with this subject, I suppose it beats dropping them in water to see if they float.

I guess Amazon is no longer where I do my online shopping.

Edit: Apparently, this whole article may or my not be the workings of a hacker as posted at Gawker.


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