Sunday, April 05, 2009

My iTunes Album Covers

I'm a huge fan of movie scores--especially the rare complete scores. Many times the complete, expanded or promo scores are harder to find and are often used for in-house promotional purposes thus making the covers look a little cheap. So, I'll go ahead and redesign them in a way that's more appealing to me. So, now I'm sharing them with you. These are only for your iTunes and iPod. They won't print out properly if you try to fit them on your CD covers.

The challenge half the time was to try and make it look like the original covers and sometimes just to see if I could track and play with the fonts like The Matrix, Resident Evil, etc. Other times, like in the case of Catwoman, I didn't really like her costume, so I altered the cover entirely. Same with the Halloween cover. Didn't care for it much, so I changed it. Freaks and Geeks presented a different challenge--the label gun font. I didn't have it. But I had to make do and you will see the results for better or worse. On the King Kong covers, I had to improvise a lot because there were no covers for the rejected scores by Howard Shore and Graeme Revell. Same with The Quick and the Dead. Just have to wing it.

Also, if you're squeamish about nudity, there is some amiss. As always, have fun.

The Ablazin' Devil Head has spoken


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